BlackLab Engine 3.0.0 API

Analyzer implementations, including Tokenizers and Filters.
Classes related to BlackLab configuration.
Deals with storing the original content for highlighting whole documents with hits.
Exception classes, although most have now been moved to the `common` module.
Manages the forward index, used for fast sorting and grouping on context.
Classes related to indexing.
Classes for dealing with annotated fields (having multiple annotations for each token).
Code for reading index configuration files, and the DocIndexer classes that use such configuration files.
A DocIndexer and plugin base classes for taking input documents (e.g.
This packagage deals with "result properties" for sorting and grouping.
Here a lot of different classes reside, mostly fairly high-level classes that constitute the public interface of the BlackLab library, but some parts should probably be moved to a different package.
This package deals with forward-index matching.
Here we keep the index metadata: information about the annotations on each word, what metadata fields each document has (and their values), how the metadata fields can be logically grouped, etc.
Our own extensions to Lucene.
Classes for optimizing BLSpanQuery structures.
Classes related to evaluate CQL global constraints, which filter matches.
Classes for dealing with results, either per-hit or per-document or grouped.
Classes that describe a complete search request.