• Create a class implementing ConvertPlugin or TagPlugin
  • Make the class known to the java SPI system.
    In short:
    • Create a jar containing your plugin class.
    • Add a file to the jar under /META-INF/services/ with the name nl.inl.blacklab.indexers.preprocess.ConvertPlugin or nl.inl.blacklab.indexers.preprocess.TagPlugin depending on your plugin’s type.
    • Add a single line containing your class’s fully-qualified class name.
    • Add your jar to BlackLab’s classpath.

Configuring your plugin is possible through blacklab.json.
Any options under plugins.yourPluginId will be passed to your plugin when it’s initialized.

If your plugin was loaded successfully it can now be used by adding the following to an import format:

tagplugin: yourPluginId
convertPlugin: yourPluginId