Road map

Plans for BlackLab 2.0

  • Integrate with Solr and/or ElasticSearch.
  • Scale to larger corpora, by adding support for distributed search.
  • Add support for tree-like structures to enable e.g. treebanks-like searches.
  • Make it even easier to index your data, especially if you have a custom file format.
  • Make it easier to write bug-free threaded BL applications (Hits class might have to become immutable)
  • Make the content store optional, and make it easier for applications to provide their own way of accessing the original content (for hits highlighting).
  • Experiment with a new type of forward index that combines word+pos+lemma, taking less memory and improving performance.
  • Integrate improvements and suggestions from the community (indexers, parsers, features, …?) (mail us)